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      I play guitar and normally would put the Eclipse in the effect loop of my tube amp. I want to build a rack that doesn't require me to have to bring my amp. It's alot of trouble for only playing a short time once or twice a week. However, because it is a large church and is televised and DVD's are produced there, I don't want to sacrifice tone. Here is my goal: to buy a 6 space rack. I want to include the Eclipse and some sort of amp simulator, like the Line 6 Pod Pro for instance, and plug right in to the PA system through the snake or direct boxes. That way, I can unplug and carry the rack and my guitar out and not have to wory about lugging an amp. I'm just not sure if the Line 6 stuff is very good. What do you guys recommend?

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       I have been using Tech21 Sans Amp PSA-1 for years, w/my Eventides.

      AMAZING TONES ! ! !

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       I had a cheap mic pre with a 12ax7 tube in it that I started using for a guitar preamp. It sounded a lot better when I got into buying vintage tubes for it. You can switch tube types within the 12xxx family. I found using a 12au7 Mullard tube made in the 50's was a good clean preamp.

      I bought a Hafler T2 preamp off ebay that uses 2 tubes, one for a clean channel and 1 for a distortion channel.

      So basically I'm recommending any real tube preamp and learn about the different tubes and how they sound (by buying them- school of hard knocks).

      I have modern modelers but a lot of the effects on the Eclipse need a clean guitar sound to be heard properly.

      Also give any quality mic pre's you have access to a try.

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      What kind of tome do you want, clean or high gain? I use a Mesa Boogie TriAxis pre-amp, that can do everyhting from clean to high gain saturated modern. What do you plan to play the output on, if not a guitar amp, a straight PA?

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       Hi, I use a Pod Proxt and a new Pod X3 Live. Both cool units, but the presets are dreadful.  You need to spend time setting up the unit, especially the cab simulators. I have found to get consistency of tone its best to stick to the same cab and mic settings for the amps you use (in my case a 4@12 Vintage 30, with on access Sm57 and no room). Also I have found the Eclipse is easier to set up in the POD's fx loop in series, with the Eclipse on 100% wet. You then adjust each Eclipse preset to mix / level you want. cheers

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      This looks phenomenal


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