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      New H9000 coming out at the end of the year with E-Control…..Surprise

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      Where did you see this? Hope that the E-Control can be used on the H8000FW, as Eventide have been 'promising' us for a very long time.

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      Wow is this some kind of joke ?

      or where did you get this intel ? 

      I have been goggling on it and you seem to be the first person

      who did tell us about this..I guess this is not an april fool this time I hope not.

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      I'm afraid that it does only seem to be a stupid joke, and not a very funny one at that. The poster only joined the forum a week ago and has posted here 3 times asking for E-Control info so I guess this was his attempt at humour, but it just built up my hopes only to find, like you, that there is no other information about this anywhere other than some previous jokes about it.. Ha bloody Ha

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      Yeah very tasteless joke in that case, some things you do not joke about…

      Well I hope that Eventide is working on a new box, it seem that they are focusing on relasing mid market products now,  Sure they tell us that for instance the Space stompbox has algorithms from H8000FW, but only using my ears I can here it sounds completly different, so it is mostly a PR trick and give people illussion that you get the H8000FW reverbs for cheap money. 

      Let's hope they will fix E-Control before I die, until then it will be an preset machine.

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      I don't think the parent post is true,

      however it could be interesting to speculate about the features such a machine could have.

      For me a real H9000 should have at least 4 times the processing power of the H8000fw and a few new and very processor intensive modules that couldn't have made it on the current machines, perhaps a kernel distortion module.

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      Well, now that we know we are not going to get E-control, it's high time for an H9000. 3U please! with a touchscreen for easier and faster access, MOAR processing power and throw a USB 3.0 so we can bug you again about… welll yeah you guessed right… E-control. No excuses this time.

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      OK, while we're dreaming…  I actually want a rack mountable device with nothing on the front.  Make it super powerful and let us access it over some kind of network with a tablet-based user interface for control.  That would keep me from jonesing for a Kyma system.  Instead of, or at least in addition to, full sysex messages, make everything controllable via NRPNs.

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      oh yes, a H9000, with a touchscreen remote , and new effects ( filters  for exemple )….

      for this moment i wait with my eclipse……

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