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      2 days ago I received my Eclipse from Sweetwater sound.  It has been a blizzard of  "checksum" errors and related problems which have taken up a lot of my time and patience.

      I finally figured out how to store programs on a CF card.  My question is about the date stamp on the folder PGM (and its file contents) on the CF card.   Does that date have any relationship to the "build" date of this unit?  

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry you've had problems. If you get any more, you should contact, if you have not already so done.

      To answer your main question – Eclipse has no real time clock, so dates and times on created files are not meaningful. In particular, they are unrelated to the build date of the unit.

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      Thanks.. will do.  Perhaps using the serial number I can find its age.

      I don't really see a place to ask general forum questions.. so.. why is it sooooo difficult for me to log onto this forum?  I must have tried at least a dozen times using the password reset feature.  I was only able to login using the upper-right boxes, not the main login page.  

      I just had the same problem now, having to again reset my password. 

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