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      Hi everyone,

      This is my first official post and
      i'm still stuck on the initial setup of my unit.  I just purchased my
      new eventide unit a couple days ago but previously i DL'ed the PDF
      files to try and brief myself on the unit before it had arrived – I
      thought I understood it, but I humbly now realize my lack of knowledge
      regarding the unit. I am devoting the entire day to learning the
      eventide, and I hope that with the help of this forum, I will get over
      the learning curve on my unit and hear what it is capable of doing 🙂 

      did try and search for some info on this, but the results didn't seem
      to address my question, but I apologize if this has been asked before.

      To start here is my setup:

      PC – vista 32
      & 64 bit – but using 32 currently. 

      Daw – Cubase5 (full version + updated to v5.1)

      Yamaha Motif xs 8  connected firewire (daisy chained) to a –

      Steinberg MR816csx firewire to PC.  – this works because they both use
      the yamaha/steinberg FW driver- one of the few firewire setups that
      allows for multiple devices – assuming they share the same FW driver-
      which these do.

      The MR816csx has  eight 1/4 inputs-  + optical adat in / out , sp/dif / word clock etc.  

      The way my MR816 is configured is-

      a mic in Input 1

      2,3,4 are empty

      5/6 -a Korg M3-M (module)

      7/8 – motif XS 8 analog (tho this is a redundant setting only for when i'm not using the firewire audio inputs)

      I currently have the optical adat cables in/ out on MR816 into the Eventide h8000FW. 

      i'm still not seeing a signal coming into the eventide.  In the initial
      setup I used the adat A-B preset, tho i'm still getting anything that
      indicates that an audio signal has reached the Eventide. I'm wondering
      if I have possibly missed some important step in the eventide setup?  

      off, i'd like to just see / test if the optical cables are even sending
      a signal, then next, i'd like to take another step and send my mic
      (connected to the MR816 analog in 1) out via the optical adat into the
      eventide, and return in (via adat) to the MR816, and into cubase5. I know most of this routing will be done in cubase 5

      set my Mr816 settings in the PC for adat, and I think i've made the
      correct VST connections (aka bus settings) but i'm still lost.  which
      leads me to believe that I might not have the eventide setup
      correctly.  Perhaps I am mistaken that by using the adat preset A -B
      that all of the machine settings would be initialized and ready.

      Thanks in advance for  your help and reply,


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      Eventide Staff

      You seem to have posted this twice…

      Presumably you are seeing nothing on the meters when you feed it with ADAT. This may be because the clock is not set up for ADAT (SETUP/clock/source). You are wise to use the routing presets, cos doing it manually is not for the beginner. BUT, the routing presets do not change the sync source (sample clock), so this may be your problem. Once "Source" is set to "ADAT" make sure that 2 lines below ADAT is shown as OK (meaning locked).

      You could usefully test the rest of your setup by going MIC -> MR816 -> ADAT ->MR816->Cubase. If this does not work, your problem is not the H8000 ….

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