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      I've got the 7600…skimmed thru the monster binder manual, the box can do a lot of complex things, but somewhat confused on how to simple things.

      Q:  How do I simply pitch shift a track +/- 1-5 cents.  I don't want 8 shifters or shifters that are trying to autotune, or make decisions for me.  I just want to take a vocal, guitar, or bass which is not sitting exactly right due to tuning, and use the wheel to nudge the pitch a few cents until it sits right…and print the track. 

      Confused, is there a present # you can direct me to?  There seems to be a lot of different types of shifters, "ultra-shifter" etc.  I want the highest quality shifter obviously for something as sensitive and the lead vocal.

      Thank you

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      Eventide Staff

      There is indeed a lot in this box, and it will repay study. But, for your immediate needs, try one of the following. Each voice has a level, so you can turn all but one down.

      5410 4_Detuners

      5411 4_PitchShift

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      Excellent, I was playing with that Detuner patch last night but wasn't sure about the FOUR of them.  I'll try that out.  Also do you use the same sort of patch for shifting rhythm based tracks.  I've got a mono track with bass and drums printed on it.  The track needs to be shifted a few cents so the bass is in tune with the song, doing this in Nuendo screws up the feel of the beat, all sorts of mico timing shifts.  I'm hoping the 7600 can do a better job, if it can't nothing will.

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      Eventide Staff

      The pitch shifters prefer to work with a mono signal, so you'll have to try and see.

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      Wowsers, a single mono track with both bass and drums?  That might be hard to work with.  How critical is that track?  (Sampling an old record or likesuchas?)

      I'm a bass player, so I guess I'm biased (insert bass player joke here), but I'd probably just redo those tracks myself.  Is that an option for you?  Something else I've done in the past is to use my old VP-9000 or V-Synth to chop up tracks and then feed parts into my Harmonizer…

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      Yeah that track is critical.  Mono output of an old rhythm machine that pumps out analog beat and bass, cool sounds but it is sharp with no ability to tune.  I've pitch shifted in Nuendo before, and then cut it up and moved the kick/snare hits back in line with the original pre-shifted copy.  That fixes most of the timing issues caused by pitch shifting.  Gonna try the 7600 for this…

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      The other thing I haven't been able to figure out in my short use of the 7600 is how to use the tap button.  When I go into a delay preset I would think I would just tap TAP and it would do something, but it never does anything.  🙁  I'm sure it is somewhere in the 45,902 pg manual…

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