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      Hi, I have a new Eventide H8000 FW unit.

      I went to the store and bought 6pin –> 6pin FW cable. I connected it to the unit after a successful installation of the Dice program, but nothing happen there is no connection between the computer and the Eventide.

      So I went to another store and bought higher quality 6pin –> 6pin FW cable, thinking that the problem is with my first cable, but again nothing happen.

      At that point i decided to try with another FW cable that's currently in use with my RME FireFace400 card (This is an original Cable that i got in the sound card box) and when i connected this cable everything seems to be ok, there is a connection between the Dice and the Eventide.

      I also tried the other way and both my new cables did not worked with the RME.

      So I tried to look online to see if there are any changes between FW cables, but the only thing i manage to find is the Pin number and we need 6Pin on each side (according to the manual).

      1) Are you aware of such difficulty with FW cables ?

      2) Can you recommend a cable to buy that's proven to work ?

      3) I can suggest that QA will look into this issue, and maybe supply a FW cable with the box.

      Thank you very much.


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      Eventide Staff

      We have found no issues with FW cables. My guess is that your problem is elsewhere, but without being in the room with you, cannot say what it might be. Apologies.

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      Ok, Thank you
      I will keep searching for a solution and update.

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      I have 4 or 5 FW cables and they all work with the H8000-FW. Weird.

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      Hi, Thank you for the replay.

      I don't know what to say ? I checked again and the only Cable i have that worked and I can see the Eventide in the Dice program is the RME original Cable. I already ordered a new Cable from RME should get here in about 2 weeks.

      Thanks Tomer.

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