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      So I saw a mint H9000 for a price that was too cheap (less than H9000R new) and couldn’t resist, despite not having a clear idea of how I’d use it. So I’m using it as an excuse to go further down the recording rabbit hole than I normally do. So I want to make sure I understand how this will work and come up with a basic setup for my use case.

      Currently I run my various inputs (axeFX3, 3 different synths, 1 mic) through a XR18 mixer -> usb -> Windows PC. As far as I can tell this is not going to work in conjunction with the H9000 because the XR18 doesn’t have a good way to connect to the H9000, and on windows you can’t create aggregate usb audio devices (easily).

      On top of that, the H9000 is going to leave a 1U space on my desk, and I’ve been a bit annoyed with having the XR18 under the desk because the headphone jack is too far away, so maybe it’s time to get a different audio interface, and leave the XR18 for live use when needed. I was thinking the scarlett 18i20 gen3 as it is reasonably priced, supports ADAT, has headphone jack and mic inputs on the front and the rest of the connections on the back to help keep the desk tidy.

      Does this make sense? Is there anything else I should consider before going this route? I don’t think I need to do anything like Dante or whatever at this point as my inputs/outputs are still limited.

      Is there any reason to pick optical vs S/PDIF to connect the two devices?

      I think the AxeFX3 is locked to 48khz so I’ll just stick to analog -> scarlett and go from there.

      Not sure that it matters but in the past I’ve used reaper as the DAW, will likely continue.

      Thanks for any help you can provide!

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      Eventide Staff

      The scarlett 18i20 gen3 is a fantastic interface. The best way to connect your H9000 to it would be through ADAT, though this limits you to run sessions at no more than 48 kHz. You’ll get 8 channels of I/O with H9000 digitally. In addition, you could use the H9000’s analog I/O as additional inputs to your system by routing things internally using the Direct I/O patchbay capabilities of H9000, if you needed; it provides exceptional conversion.

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      Like Joe says. I have ADAT running between my Quantum and H9000R.  Works great.

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