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      I wanted to use forced feedback for presets 850 & co of my Eclipse v4.01 but this parameter is not present in the hotkeys list for these presets: it only displays "output level" and then "sweepable Mid EQ" (and also classical hotkeys like drive, bass, mid, treble).

      Is this normal ? Did you have same issue ? Where can i find this "Forced Feedback" hotkey, and how to parameter it with an expression pedal (I have a Roland  EV-5 which works fine with other presets) ?

      Many thanks in advance for your help.

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      I'm not familiar with that preset, but if you can find the desired parameter in the parameter pages you can easily link it to the hotkeys by holding down its button.

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      It is in the parameters, a few levels down.  Easy enough to assign it to a hotkey in the usual way.

      But when you link it to an external (e.g. pedal), don't use ext5 and above as these are pre-assigned to work with an Eventide stomp box.

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