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      I have two H-8000's and they are both doing quirky by different things.

      The first one is passing signal from input to output but the preset effects are not heard. The unit is not in bypass.

      The second one is not receiving Wordclock and I cannot dial the input page in Setups to anything but AES/EBU. As I have ADAT cables plugged into the unit this is a problem.

      As well, the Adat output screen in Setups shows (Adats disabled).

      Everything was working fine before the new year. I downloaded the vSig 2.4 version the other day and now everything seems very confused in the units although this seems an unlikely  cause to me.



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      Hi Robert

      indeed, Vsig has nothing to do with what you dscribe.

      First off:

      -what H8000 models you have (H8000/H8000A/H8000FW)?

      -what is the OS version loaded on them? We only supprt the latest version 5.2

      -for any question related to audio and clock we need a full detailed description of the audio routing of inputs/DSPs/outputs/used sources and clocking settings. Depending on which H8000 you own, there are different termination aspects. You may want to check  the Word Clock Termination technote on the Eventide website (under Support click on Knowledgebase > Harmonizers>Difgital Interfaces to find it).

      You may also want o execute a clear setup on both units as they have been off for a while. This may help getting the audio back on the first machine. 

      all the best

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