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      Alright so another problem im encountering is noise when I run an microphone to XLR  into the eventide CH1 ,  CH1 out to the PA ..   Im getting way too much noise (buzzing) to be normal…  

      A way Ive dealt with is my using a microphone to an unbalanced line into CH1, unbalanced line out to the PA.. this rids about 90 per-cent of the noise.     IF i use an XLR anywhere in the chain the noise returns.

      I found wiring the eventide through the effects loop in the mixer with 1/4 inch or XLR cables works without the noise…    I would like the eventide first in the chain for maximum juicy effect! 

       Any idea how to rid the noise?

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      It sounds like you have a problem with balancing/unbalancing. If you connect an unbalanced line to either the input or output XLR, all three pins of the XLR must be connected or you will get a lot of hum and buzz. Typically, you connect pins 1,3 to ground and pin 2 to signal.

      Beyond this, be aware that the XLR input on the unit is a line input rather than a microphone input, so you will not get best results unless you use a mike preamp.

      Most people use the effects loop….

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