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      I am using preset No 1038 (only inputs/outputs 1&2) and it's noisy. It's audible, I have recorded a bass sequence and there's noise before the bass kicks in. I can remove it from within Cubase, but only what is before and what is after. During the bassline, it's there and it's annoying. I have recorded the output of the H-8000FW without feeding it any signal and I can send it to you to check. I have also noticed that a lot of presets suffer from such noise. We are not talking about dozens of feedback paths and delays here, it seems that there is always this crazy amount of noise which totally unacceptable.

      No, it's not cables and power supplies. If I bypass the H-8000FW everything is ultra quiet.

      Is there a way to get rid of this noise? Can anyone help?


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      Which inputs/outputs are you using? What are your levels set to?

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      I am using analog inputs 1 and 2 (internally – in the preset – I use inputs 1&2 only as this is a quad algorithm). My levels are ok.

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