Nov. 8th ’21: H9000 2.0.3[2] // Emote 2.0.4[8]

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      John Baylies

      H9000 2.0.3[2] and Emote 2.0.4[8] are available, fixing a number of issues and adding a handful of features.

      Also, please update to Vsig 3.3.3 if you haven’t already.

      Release notes for H9000 firmware 2.0.3[2]:
      Allows function values to be displayed in Emote.
      Front panel’s browser labels filter exclusively.
      Front panel’s Sessions and FX Chains searchable by ID number.
      Add info about Crushstation and Sculpt’s Nominal Gain parameter.
      Fix initialization issue with H9 algorithms’ factory presets’ I/O gain parameters.
      Fix mapping issue with some H8000 algorithm textknobs.
      Fix sequencer in 6109 Arabian Collangette and 6914 Flaedermaus.

      Release notes for Emote 2.0.4[8]:
      Slight improvement to Algorithms View.
      Alt/Option, Shift, and/or ctrl/⌘ while scrolling over a parameter adjusts it.
      Mouse disappears while adjusting knobs.
      Add UNMAP to parameter’s right-click menu.
      Emote’s browser labels filter exclusively.
      Emote’s Sessions and FX Chains searchable by ID number.
      Add info about Crushstation and Sculpt‘s Nominal Gain parameter.


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      Thanks. Some sweet improvements here.

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      Matthias Adloff

      Great work. Fixes all bugs I’ve ever encountered (as well as I remember it). Thanks a lot for the scroll feature, that was very important to me!

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      Hey guys, wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the connection filters now being implemented. Great!

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      FYI, the USB installer for 2.0.3[2] didn’t work for me. It was complaining about a server it couldn’t connect to. Think it didn’t see the firmware file (it was there). The Emote update approach worked just fine.

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        Eventide Staff


        Thanks for reporting this. I just tried the installer and it worked on my unit. I think the error you are referring to is what happens when you boot the H9000 into recovery mode and a USB drive is not present or not formatted correctly, or maybe the files were not placed onto the drive correctly. Glad to hear that the Emote update worked out for you, that is the recommended way of performing an update since the process has been greatly simplified.

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