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      Hello, I purchased a used Orville with an Eve/Net controller and am loving it. I am running in to a few issues and hoping to get some input.

      First there is an audible high pitched kind of noise in the background, it is more pronounced on certain patches but there most all of the time. I typed those keywords in google and came up with a few threads, one on gearslutz were another person who owns an Orville mentioned the same thing with the high pitched noise. I am wondering, is this a symptom of anything I should be concerned with? 

      Also my Eve/Net controller was working just fine for a few months and then just today, the backlight is not coming on. The strange thing is it does come on for about 1 second when I plug the ethernet cable into the unit and then the backlight goes away. I can still see the text and everything on the LCD but of course it’s hard to see without the backlight. All the buttons and functions and LED’s are working otherwise, just the backlight seems to be gone now. Any source on a part for this by chance?

      Thanks for any help.

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      Eventide Staff

      Your audible tone could be a hardware fault, but is most likely a ground loop. Disconnect as many cables as you can and see if it makes a difference. If it does, reconnect cablkes one at a time until it comes back. Then you will know.

      Your backlight issue again could be a hadrware fault, but also could be a setting. Try re-initializing the Eve/Net console (see UM).

      Also, be warned that people often sell units with problems (sorry) rather than fixing them. You might want to contact the vendor.

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