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      Is this possible? I’d like to use the Orville “sampler” module, triggered by MIDI, with appropriate sample pitch shifting based on MIDI note, over multiple (ideally 16) voices. Some concerns before I dig into VSIG:


      1. Can I get multiple independent voices from a single sample? The existence of “overlaptime” implies yes, but the manual isn’t clear on whether or not that parameter applies to the same sample being triggered repeatedly, or only to different samples triggered on top of one another. If the latter then I guess I would have to copy the same sample into all 16 slots in order to produce 16 “voices”?

      2. Is it possible to manipulate “pitchmod” based on incoming MIDI note? I’m thinking it might be as simple as connecting “midinote” module outputs (gate and pitch?) to the front-end of “sampler”.


      Appreciate any insight.

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      Can't remember how the old sampler worked, but suspect it has voice limitations. Try and find the modules manual – the sampler was much the same between dsp4000 and h8000.


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