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      john janssen

      Good day,

      I would like to use my orville with an external clock as added D/A.  What I am attempting to do is use the Orville as a converter from analog to digital AES/EBU, then into my Lynx Aurora as an AES/EBU input.  This would effectively give me four more inputs to my sessions.

      The trouble I am having is the following:

      1. I would like to use my Lynx Aurora as the clock source for the Orville

      2. At 48KHZ the Orville will lock on to the Lynx Aurora

      3. At 96KHZ the Orville reports the clock source is "too fast"……….I really want to use 96KHZ.

      My questions are:

      1. Have you seen this before?  Why would another 96KHZ external source be too fast?

      2. How has this been resolved in the past?

      3. What suggestions do you have? 



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      Eventide Staff

      It may mean one of two things:

      1) One of the programs you have loaded is only suitable for 48kHz use. Try it with "Thru" in A and B.

      2) The clock source is not clean enough – try different or shorter cables.

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