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      Hello there!

      I recently bought an Eventide Orville on eBay – yeah, cool!

      But there is a problem – 

      When I'm in a mood to work with the Eventide: I turn it on.

      Is that the problem? No, that's not a problem at all – but hey: 

      The usual start-up starts up and all the checks are going fine until my machine wants to load the DSPs – 

      Something went wrong!  – 

      Suggest power down.  ERROR! – HC ERROR!

      Ok, not good. It is not working.

      But if I wait for about 15 minutes (let's call it a Warm-up phase) and "reboot" it afterwards… it works completely fine!… well, at least it appears to work fine!

      What can be done against the HC Err? What might be of help? Any ideas?

      Best regards,


      PS: When I'm changing the output levels of the Eventide, they will return to 0.0dB and +3.0dB Post Gain after turning it on again..on the next day..or after a quite long time letting the eventide to cool down – that's not normal either, is it? 

      pps: I'm sorry for my bad language at the moment, it's quite late – 4 AM – and I "just" returned home after a longer trip.

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      Hi Nicolas,

      I will open a support ticket and directly contact you shortly.

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      Great! That's definitely good news. Fantastic!

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      I sent you an email on 5/6. Please reply to that email if you received it. If you didn't receive that email, reply to me here.

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      I just buy an orville by ebay, and I get the HC error and other: host timeout 

      What must I do?

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      Please contact support@eventide.com



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      I wrote some months ago to eventide support but no response.

      I upgraded the orville software to the last version (3.002), and the orville run well for a few days, sometimes it gave me the HC error after work a few time.

      Now when I power up, it runs the tests and when the screen arrive to Initializing show me the error HC and after a few seconds host timeout. In this moment the only key that I can push is setup and the orville try to load the programs in the DSP A and B and appear the next window: Something went wrong. Loading program… In a few seconds more I get again the error host timeout.

      Please I need help or suggestions or answers from the eventide people.

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      Eventide Staff

      Hello grainsinth.  Our technician at the time, D. Rooney, noted in our support database (ticket #18829) that her emails to you bounce back as undeliverable.  She had asked, "I am sorry to hear about your Orville. When do you experience this error message? Are you processing audio at the time it appears? If the unit is processing audio at the time the error message appears, what happens to the audio? Will the unit respond to any front panel key presses, or do you have to restart the unit?"  Please send me an email directly at bhaberman@eventide.com, include your phone # and any alternate email addresses you may use for us to work with you on this issue.  Thank you.

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      Please email support@eventide again.

      I'll make sure things go thru.

      all the best


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      I have sent you and email and also a quicktime mov trough yousendit  with the problems in start up.

      Also I sent a copy at support.

      Best Regards

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      Eventide Staff

      Received and passed on to Jerome who will email you shortly.  Thank you!

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      I have no answer after one month waiting.

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      Eventide Staff

      Hello grainsinth,

      Despite repeated attempts, our emails to you bounce back as undeliverable.  Here is what Jerome sent to you 4/1:

      Hi Gregorio,

      I just watched your video with my head technician and he believes that there is a problem with the flash memory in your unit. There are a couple of things we can try to fix the problem. First I would recommend intializing the unit. This will reset the unit back to factory settings. It will also erase any user presets, so please be aware of this. Below is the procedure.


      Initialization of the unit will clear out the internal memory and return the unit to factory defaults. If you use this task in the future please be sure to back up any created presets or user saved information prior to performing this. To initialize the unit: With the unit powered down you will press and hold the '8' key and then power on the unit. You will hold the '8' key until you see "release key now" appear on the display, you will release the '8' key but then you must immediately hold it down again until you see the following message appear: Do you really want to lose all the stored information? Selecting yes will begin the initialization process which will take about 30 seconds. Once it is complete, the main screen will appear.

      If this does not help, then please read below.

      Occasionally one of the main chips on the board can become loose in its socket and could cause the problems that you are experiencing. Please do the below procedure. I attached a picture to help you locate the chip.

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      Checking U106 on H8000FW

      1. Make sure that the unit is unplugged and powered off.
      2. Remove the top cover of the unit with the front panel facing you.
      3. Apply some pressure all around the chip that is being pointed to in the photo and notice if it settles into its socket.

      If neither of these correct the problem, then you might want to reinstall the software. You can do this on our website at the following link.


      Let me know what happens.

      We will need to correspond via the forum or via phone as your ISP does not allow our emails to make it through.

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      Is it possible to get a copy of the picture that shows where the Chip is located.



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      Eventide Staff

      It's a big square chip in a socket at front center of the main board. The letters U106 are on the board by its back left corner (looking from front).

      If this doesn't help, send an email to support@eventide.com marked for my attention.

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