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      I have an Orville in my home studio & am looking to incorporate it into my electric guitar rack setup with a large Midi floor switcher / controller .

      I have no issues bypassing / muting or changing parameters via Midi on my Lexicon PCM 81’s as they are less complicated but the Orville is really confusing me . I’ve read the Midi section in the manual 3 times but just can’t make sense of it . I have no idea how to set the orville so that it will resond to my midi footswitcher.

      Basically, I want to be able to Bypass/Mute either DSP A or DSP B via MIDI.  At the bypass menu / bypass A setup I am unsure of what to select.

      So far I have set Midi to Enabled in the Setup menu, my Base channel is set at 1 and I have the option to send Midi Control Commands (CC#) or Program Change (PC) commands from my ‘Custom Ausio Electronics’ Bradshaw style Midi floor controller.  

      I have pressed the Bypass button to enter the bypass menu, and held the ‘Bypass A’ soft key for 1 second to take me to the Bypass A setup menu . What should I select for ‘mode:’ ??   Midi Single ? Midi Double ?? Midi Program ?? 

      I’m also unsure of what value / message # I would need to send to actualy perform the DSP mute as well!


      Please Help! I’m surprised how complicated this is turning out to be . 

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      I can maybe help you some of the way. Try this:

      1. setup your midi controller to send a midi cc and as a toggle switch. The value useally is 127 for on and 0 for off.

      2. go to the bypass A setup on the Orville and select Capture Midi

      3. press the foot switch on the midi controller

      4. select *done* in the bypass A setup

      Hope this helps.


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