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      when I'm sending midiclock to my Orville – I set the source to midiclock in the tempo menu in setup.
      what happens is. if I use any delay programs, even the programming demo program:

      bank 70 programming

      preset 15 Tempo Dly_Lfo Jig

      I get a jittering clicking to the delay as it fluctuates .. to the incoming midiclock

      Is there anything I can do about this? I've tried using smooth & quantise modules in vsig – but with no success.

      Anyone have a solution or work around for this? – as my alternative, is to change the Orville's tempo manually during live performances.

      Any Orville  owners out there that have experienced this? 



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       Hi Rob

        MIDI Clock is per nature quite unstable. In addition to that, its quantization may sometimes be more coarse or very fine, in any of the MIDI devices in the chain.

      Orville is way sensitive to the smallest clock drift and this is what you are experiencing.

      When using a MODDELAY in a preset, you may try adjusting the glidespeed parameter. This can optimize the response to clock changes and somehow reduce the artifacts.



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