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      Hi.  I somewhat recently upgraded from an Eclipse to an Orville.  While the Eclipse followed along obediently to incoming midiclock, the Orville (specifically pitch shifting presets) basically freaks out when I feed it midiclock.  I've tried with Ableton Live AND with my MPC4000 (rock solid midiclock output).  My only option is to disable midiclock tempo and manually adjust each preset.  I understand that is machine is no longer supported but any insight would be appreciated. 

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      Eventide Staff

      The Orville MIDIclock decoder needs a pretty stable clock, which is rare these days, especially when fed from computers, which usually have a lot of jitter on the clock outputs. Nothing much to be done, I am afraid.

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      it's not a deal breaker but i know for a fact that the MPC4000 has one of the most stable midi clock outputs available.  ableton live, however, is known for questionable midi implementation.  anyhow, it's all good…thanks for the response.

      – jim

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