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      Hi there.

      I recently updated the software on a working Orville and since then it doesn't boot properly. At first it was booting up fine with the new software, but now it either boots and reads "Bus Error" with some numbers and forces a re-boot, or it just shows the Eventide splash screen, then clicks and the screen goes blank. I've tried to get it to show the Bus Error numbers again, but now it's not even getting that far. 

      Any ideas? I'm thinking (hoping) it could be a faulty power supply?



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      Eventide Staff

      The bus error is a generic thing the can have many causes, including hardware.

      But, I'm going to speculate that it is related to your update. You should do a CLEAR SETUP (see UM) – this may help.

      If not, it probably is hardware – try wiggling all socketed parts. If this fails it needs to go for service.

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