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      Hello Guys,
      I wanted to try the pcmcia card on my Orville for the first time.
      First I tried the pcmcia cf card adapter which works fine with my H8000 but I get an error message that the card (cf card) is not readable and needs to be formatted, when I select the format option the format process fails immediately (error message)-
      Then I tried a pcmcia type 1 sram 1MB card and again the card could not be formated (the card works fine in my Andromeda A6).
      I then tried to use a 512KB card when I try to format it I get the error message to check the write protect switch but no matter if the switch is in the unprotected or protected position the error message on the Orville is the same (had no time to check this card in another device as of know).
      I‘m a little worried that something is wrong with the unit, I check all pins on of the card holder socket inside the Orville and they look fine and are straight.
      Any ideas what I could try next?

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      Eventide Staff

      The H8000 CF card will not work with Orville.

      A 1M sram card should work (flash or ATA will not).

      You don't say what type your 512K card is.

      It obviously could be a hardware fault, but more likely it is a card incompatability.

      Try new batteries in the cards – if they don't have them, they may not be sram (but, some are rechargeable).



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