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      Hi All

      Use my eventide, both for recording/mixing in my home studo + my guitar rig. 

      When i use it in my home studio i would like to configure pro tools so i can do the program changes from PT ( don't have to remember all the programs used)

      what is the best way of controlling the eventide from pro tools? When the e-control or whatever ships it will be great, but in  the mean time… is midi controlling the best way ?

      Please give me some advice on how to do this.

      I must say though that the orville really stands out from plugins – it sounds fantastic.

      I have posted in digidesign forum also…


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      You'll want to send MIDI program change messages from PT, the same program changes that you send with for instance a midi pedal board. If you're already doing that in your guitar rig, well I guess it's more of a ProTools question, right?

      If your question is about how the unit deals with MIDI program changes, it's explained in the manual, but there are several details to pay attention to.

      For instance, to be able to do the program change at will on DSP A or B, you must set the MIDI option "Omni" to off. Then, sending a program change on the base channel will affect DSP A, sending it on base channel + 1 will affect DSP B.

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