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      Top Jimmy

      Most interested in implementing the Sampler feature into my performances. Is there a discussion forum for Looping on Orville, I seem to remember this unit being very popular and Italo going around as Ita-loops or something like that.

      I am using a Sound Sculpture Switchblade GL. The MIDI signals are using a base channel, set appropriately for each MIDI device and seems to work flawlessly.

      I can still attach 'Remoters' with the Select shortcut (hold Select) and capture the MIDI source, however this does not work for any of the Sampler features.

      For example, I want to capture MIDI for the Record and Play features found within most Sampler presets, but I can not get the Select Shortcut to function normally.

      Matter of fact, the Record and Play are programmed to the 4 function buttons, so I may need to dig through these in VSIG. I will research that now, see if I can find a better way to wire the parameters to facilitate.

      Help is appreciated. If you are using the Samplers live to do looping, I'm certain there are people who do so.

      Kindly, ~Jim

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      Top Jimmy

      Update: The Select shortcut is working and assigned to buttons on foot switch. Now full functioning, real time control over rec/play/stop. (Operator Error)

      Impressive looking module, to say the least. Now ready to harness 16 samples. Investigating further.

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      I work with the old Digitech FSX3 on a H8000, fast solid – never Problems.In the h8000 you patch this Setup in the Setup-Menu permanenty OS5.5. Don´t know in the Orville.

      My ( Loop ) Problem is , i didn´t get the Loop Rounded. "Crackle Phänomen" ( See also the other Thread in this Forum ). Also the xCrossfade Parameter didn´t work. I build some alternate Patches in the Vsig …but still the same.

      Any experiences ?

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