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      Ok. So, fearing to catch an electric shock I’ve decided to install a new battery on my Orville powering it off first. Now, when I turned it on again it first showed “Orville powering on 1…100”, then suddenly screen goes dim, and it reads DSP7000 . Then the screen shows “I sense that the internal ram is new…” it prompts me to press “yes” to clear the RAM and format it, but when I press “yes” soft button the screen shows “remote operation only” and that is it – Orville does not respond to any button presses. Apparently something is f…ed up in there? or is it fixable? I actually tried to reinstall Orville v3.0 OS from VSIG on PC, but Orville keeps pretending it’s DSP7000 .  Any idea how to fix this bizarre problem?

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      Eventide Staff

      Try re-initializing (see UM).

      If that fails, try a different battery.

      As said before – this is a twenty year old piece of equipment. Don't mess with it !!



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      Thank you Nickrose for the response. Well, the battery is cr2330 3v, brand new…anyway, in case neither idea works, do you think it’s possible to reprogram it back to its Orville “state of mind” in service center? 

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      Eventide Staff
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      well, seems like the problem got resolved. thanks for suggestions anyway. 

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      I guess I should add that the battery MUST be replaced while the unit is ON, otherwise it is going to be a frustrating experience. 

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