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      Hi all

      I still don't really have my head around the routing on my Orville, though I haven't dedicate much time to it to be fair.

      I've been trying to get a vocoder preset working, at the moment I have it set up thus: Routing set to (Internal 14) Analog Dual Stereo, Vocoder preset on DSP B, Analog Input 3 – Synth audio, Analog Input 4 – Modulator (mic).

      Then on the setup for the preset Analog In 3 -> IN1 Analog In 4 -> IN2

      DSP B out 1 -> ANA 3, DSP B out 2 -> ANA 4

      Inputs is set to DIN 1/2, AES/EBU 

      That is the one part I am not so sure about, I don't have anything digital connected, when I scroll through the only other option I get is SPDIF.

      When I play the synth the 3rd line of lights show up on the Orville front panel, showing there is input but nothing else, when I use the mic, the 4th line of lights doesn't light up, as I would expect it to.

      Am I missing something? Am i missing a lot?

      Thanks for any help..


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      No one can help me with this? I understand this is pretty basic, but I've tried lots of things and I'm not getting a result. Perhaps partly due to not fully understanding the routing of the Orville yet.

      I am set up in Analog Dual Stereo. On Analog input 1, I have a synth line playing audio from my mixer. On Analog 2 I have a mic plugged in, for the voice.

      When I play the synth, the first line of LED's shows input, but when I use the mic, there is no input, i.e: no lights showing.

      If anyone can see something wrong with this set up it would really hep me get my head around it. To me it makes sense, according to the vocoder preset, 'creamy alpha vocoder' Left is carrier, Right is modulator. I'm assuming it means Analog In's 1 and 2. But perhaps it uses DSP B as well?

      Any help is greatly appreciated.


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      Eventide Staff

      Unless you have a meaningful input signal, nothing else matters…

      When you say "I have a mic plugged in", do you mean that you plugged a regular microphone into the XLR ? If, so, this is your problem. A regular microphone has a very low output level, and will not work into a line level input like that of the Orville. You need to use a mike preamp, or a send from a mixer, to get a suitable line level signal.

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