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      I use the H8000 for guitar EFX, often with acoustic guitars by running high end preamps into it–straight to power (Brystons) and Speakers (JBL LSR 6300s). I prefer not running through a board. Question is: Is there a way to "pan" analog inputs of H8000 prior to DSP A? Since I am often using multiple transducers on the acoustics, it would be great if I could blend them to some degree prior to DSPs. I don't always want transducer A (which may be top 3 strings or mic) pannned hard left and Transducer B panned hard right. However, I want my EFX panned hard left and right so the point to pan would be pre DSP. is there an easy (read non-VISIG) way to do this? Or, for the Visig-idiot like me, is there a REALLY simple visig method?

      If neither of the above, is there a factory preset that I could use in DSP A JUST to Pan (no other EFX) and use DSP B for EFX (this would be far less useful–wasting DSP A on simple pan function)

      Thx in advance! Kevin

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       Hi Kevin

      panning is a mixer or dsp concept; it doesn't apply to inputs. These can be *routed* to outputs, but panning is something you do outside (mixer) or inside a dsp.

      It's not clear what exactly you want to pan. Is it the dry sound?

      If that is the case, the work must be done in Vsigfile as you have a specific setup that requires a custom work for it.



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