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      Hello. Yesterday while editing Flanger parameters, I noticed several things and am wondering if these events happen for a reason, to keep my speakers from being destroyed, for instance:

      1) while fiddling with modulating speed min/max values for Pedal 1, I would have to scroll BACK to the "type" and change it from Sine to Triangle, for instance, in order to actually hear the effect. It seemed to lock into a static state, regardless of what the speed setting reflected.

      2) similar things would happen while fiddling with other parameters. The effect sound would disappear, and I'd have to hunt through other parameters to find out why. (This example's antecedents are vague, sorry.) In the end, though, I found that the Master Level wet/dry setting suddenly went to 0%, something I hadn't touched.

      These were all Mod Factor presets. Is it software glitches or are these fail-safes?

      Thanks! Paul

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