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      I have tested the Pedal In to modulate my Eclipse. My pedal is a Korg EXP-2. It works, but only the very last degrees seem to trigger the effect: I did not succeed to calibrate the pedal curve to have an appropriate linear response on the whole range.

      Any suggestion on an Expression Pedal that works fine with Eclipse. I heard about the Ernie Ball 6181VP Junior on another forum, that seem suitable for that application?

      Otherwise, what characteristics have to be met on the pedal? Linear or Logarithmic curve? What impedance on the potentiometer?

      Thanks for helping me!

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      Eventide Staff

      Your problem is probably the impedance – it should be between 10K and 25K. Don't know what the value is for your pedal – the manual does not say.  You could try adjusting the "minimum volume" control.

      The EB is a very nice pedal – make sure to get the 6181 (25K) rather than the 6180 (250k).

      For expression, a linear characteristic is probably best. If it is logarithmic it is probably more of a volume pedal.

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      Thank you for this fast answer. I'm looking for a low impedance pedal from now!

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