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        I was hoping someone could tell me the exact physical depth of the Eclipse from the rack ears back (not including cables).  The website description says 10.5", the manual says 12.5", and while that's a small difference, it's enough to make the Eclipse either fit or not fit into my SKB PS-100 pedalboard's rack.  Thanks a lot for the help.

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      My unit goes 10.9" (27.7 cm) from front to rear.

      all the best


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      Thanks a lot for checking- that's not even one of the two dimensions I found listed 😀

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      well…mine is an early prototype and might somewhow be "unique".

      The 10,5" spec is what should probably be considered correct.


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      Eventide Staff

      Warning. Warning. The early prototypes had different dimensions. Alert. Alert.

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      So is 10.5" from rail back the new "normal" size? 😀

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      The Eclipse chassis goes back about 10.5" from the rack ears, however the bnc connectors and any cables you connect will make at least 11.5" deep.

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      I only need to use  right angle MIDI and 1/4", but it still may make it long enough not to fit.  I may have to find an Eclipse user in southern CT that'll let me try to rack it.  Thanks for the help guys.

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