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      I have the PitchFactor and am looking to upgrade my harmonic voices.  I would love to be able to get more than the five voices I can presently get on the PitchFactor's Quadravox algothrim.

      Which unit(Eclipse, H7600, H8000FW, all things considered, would be the best choice for a processor whose main function would be to add more harmonies to guitar lines? 

      What is the biggest differences in the diatonic harmonies capabilities from the Eclipse to the H7600 to the H800FW.  Is the Ultrashifter in the H7600 or H8000FW guitar friendly?

      Also, can all the algorthims on the PitchFactor be performed on the bigger harmonizers?  I see in the brochures that the TimeFactor and ModFactor algothrims have been added to the Eclipse, H7600 and H8000FW but no mention of any PitchFactor algothrims.

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      Eventide Staff

      PitchFactor algs are only in the pedal. The other units have some similar capabilities but are not the same.

      H8000 witll give you two 8 voice shifters at 48k. The other units will only give 8 voices.

      Ultrashifter is designed for vocals – probably not useful for guitar.

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