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      Tried to find my original post but was unable to. so apologies

      I am usning my H8000FW 5.3 over ADAT with a mac snow leopard.

      I have not upgraded as vsig x does not work under snow leopard

      I have a apogee ensemble as my audio interface.

      ADAT slipping. I have the ensemble clock set to internal.

      When i record something i get small clicks and articfacts in the signal.

      I am using ableton live with an external audio device to pipe in the signal.

      I changed the apogee clock to ADAT  clock source.

      H8000FW now reads ADAT locked but now I am getting huge pops which are coloured by the internal effects, ( the smaller pops are dry when not locked).

      Can someone shed some light on what i am doing wrong


      PS i have a Eclipse running over SPDIF and have no problems with pops

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      Ok So I hooked up the eclipse over ADAT and that also had problems

      I then disconnected the eclipse from the ensemble and tried the H8000FW on adat on its own.

      It seems to have worked.

      I guess this is a question to apogee which i have also written too, but is it not possible to have eclipse on SPDIF and H800FW ADAT simultaneously?

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      I don't own any Apogee gear, so I'm not familiar with it…

      In my experience, it's alright to have two digital devices with one clock slaved to the other.  Once you use three or more digital devices, I think you should use one clock and distribute the one clock signal to all your devices that connect digitally…

      As a side note, I just upgraded to Leopard and have been making sure that my software works on it.  After I'm happy with that, I'll change to Snow Leopard…

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      Eventide Staff

      Since you don't mention what your sample clock lock sources are, this suggests that your systems are not locked to each other. When you are trying to connect multiple digital units to each other, you need to know what you are doing.

      I would suggest that you define one of your units as the Clock Master (probably the Apogee), set its clock to internal and then lock everything else to it. This means that if, say the H8000 is connected to the ensemble using ADAT, you set the H8000 to lock to ADAT.

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      I am having trouble in locking the adat.

      That is how i thought i had i t before.

      Apogee set to internal

      main inputs adat 1-8

      outputs dsp b 1-8 (as I cannot hear the effect)

      ADAT still reads slipping

      looked in the manual but can't seem to find how to lock adat 

      it is locked when i set apogee to adat clock source.

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      Eventide Staff

      Look at SAMPLING RATES on p.79 of the UM.

      If the Apogee is set to internal, the H8000 needs to be locked to something coming from the Apogee.

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       Thank YO

       Thinks its fixed now 

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