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      on my H8000FW running the 5.5 OS , when i use two a preset  like the   #1424 Sequence Wa, the "sequenced wha" effect is barely audible, it's very weak in background. Which kind of parameters have I to tweak to make it more audible and marked?

      I have  a similar behaviour with the # 1420 OrganicAnimation preset. Even if I tweak the <sens> paramenter, it seems don't happen anything, I listen only to the sound of my guitar, without anything else. It seems like an <empty> preset.

      Any suggestions are very appreciate


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      Any suggestions? any advice?

      let me know, i need assistance


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      It may be the level of the algorithm/FX engine that's set too low or B is set too high. It is also possible to have two algorithms where one phases the other out. I suggest trying to choose a different algorithm with one of those you're using to determine if its the latter.

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      First of all, I want to specify that I'm using only one of these algorhitm ( the #1424 Sequence Wa  and the  #1420 OrganicAnimation )  one-by-one and not togheter.

      They are loaded only on DSP A, so I'm not using the DSP B.

      About the DSPs levels, they are set on 100% Wet both, so in my case the level of the algorithm/FX engine is not set too low, because it's at 100% Wet , also becuase I keep my H8000FW connected to the mackie mixer and there I can adjust further my levels..

      I really don't know what I can tweak within the # 1424 or the # 1420 algorithms to be able to listen to their "effect".

      Any other suggestions?

      Let me know

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