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      Where can I get / purchase quality presets? I am helping a friend to set up his huge guitar rigg and I've been trying to program some Shadows and Pink Floyd sounds for him but I am not getting there… 😐  There are just to many values to adjust..

      He is playing in a Shadows cover band and used to have a cheap alesis midiverb. It was programmed by factory with typical Shadows sounds. I looked at the values there and tried to transfer them to Eclipse but it does'nt sound the same.. Cant get the delays the way I want..

      So…we figured it would be easyer to ask some one Smile 

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      unfortunately there is no other way to get presets at the moment.

      The best you can do is to sit down and reprogram Eclipse for your needs. When copying parameters values from a machine to another you should consider another even more important aspect: algorithm structure.

      If your old unit has some diagrams of the FX structure, you could compare it to the structures available in Eclipse; check the Presets manual for diagrams of all algorithms. Choose the one that more closely resemble your old midiverb. Then copying parameters values may help.

      all the best

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      ask further… give the examples you have from the preset you have so we can look if we can help you further 😉


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