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      Hello all –

       I have a number of printed Eventide manuals that I no longer need and I was wondering if any of you might want them. I'm not looking to sell them – just give them to whomever might want and need them. It would be nice if the person receiving them could pay for postage so I don't LOOSE any money on these.

      If anyone's interested – please just contact me directly via PM.

      What I have is:

      DSP 4000 – Instruction Manual – Rev 1.0 spiral bound

      Eventide 4000 series Alchemy 101 presets library spiral bound

      DSP 4000 – Instruction Manual – Rev 2.0 – In a big blue binder

      DSP 4500 – Operator's Manual – Release 1.0 – In a big blue binder

      Eventide Orville – Operating Manual – Release 1.1 – In a binder with a pretty picture on it. (contains the modules manual too)

      Orville Operator's Manual Release 1.2 – In a big blue binder

       They are your's if you can make good use of them! 


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      I would love to have the manuals I have a dsp 4000
      Tell me what the postage would be to 45502 (Springfield, Ohio)
      And I will send you the money.

      Thanks! Ron

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      Hi Vanceg , I need  both the Orville manuals ( here in Italy is very hard to find them ) . Let me know  how much  will been the shipment to Italy and how could I arrange to send you the money . I will appreciate a lot .



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      Eventide Staff

      Orville manuals may be downloaded from the Eventide Web Site. No charge or postage !!

      You will need to register your unit on the Support Forum to access them.

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      I'd be intrested in the Orville manuals. Would want them shipped to Australia.

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      I am sorry that I have not followed through with my offer to send these manuals to the first person/people who wanted them. I had some life issues come up and needed to deal with those first. I hope you understand.  I will contact the folks who responded, in order, and see if I can get these out to you all soon.

      Nick brings up a very good point that I hope everyone knows- Manuals are available electronically – so I'm not providing you with any information you can't get for free already (thanks Nick!)


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      I am guitarist from Europe and I cant find manuals for DSP 4000.Would you be so kind and send me or e-mail me if you have in pdf.

      Hope to hear from you bye!!

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      Eventide Staff

      These products are too old to have available pdf manuals. Many manuals are available for purchase at the eventide store

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      To those who have responded wanting to receive these manuals:

      – First I want to make sure that everyone understands that Eventide very kindly makes all of the manuals that they have available on PDF free for downloading right on the Eventide site.  So if you just need a manual for a fairly recent product – that's a great place to look!

      – For those who wanted these printed manuals, at the moment there is no way for me to personally email or message you through this forum.  I don't want to start asking you your mailing address and other personal information here on a public forum.  If you are still interested, please contact me directly at "vancegbuysell (at) earthlink (dot) net. 

      Thanks and, again, I am sorry for being a little slow getting back to you all.

      All the best to y'all


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      do you still have the dsp4500 manual?



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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry, long gone. The DSP4000 manual is listed on nthe Eventide Store, – this will cover most things.

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      hhello Vanceg, 

      ddo you still have the alchemy 101 presets ? what is that exactly ??

      i i am looking for a memory card with new patches..

      i i would like also to control the unit via a midi controller or computer .. i tryed to connect it via midi ..but could program nothing in logic !  thank you for helping me 🙂         Bruno.  

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