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      I'm trying to hook up an Eventide H8000FW to the ADATs on a TC Electronics Studio Konnekt 48. The ADAT locks on both units but I can't see any input at the H8000FW. I have the metering set to input and I've set routing to 8 ADAT A,B. In Nuendo I've set up groups for each of the adat channel io. I then put the group on a send. I can't tell if the Konnekt is actually sending anything or not.  Has anyone had any experience with this? I just got the 8000 and it looks like I've got some work to do! I'd love to be able to use the firewire from both at the same time but I guess that's another thread. 

      Thanks, Greg.

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      Eventide Staff

      Can you plug the ADAT from the TC into something else to see if it is sending anything ?

      Using the factory routing you mention should make the ADAT show up on the input meters.

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      I tried it on another TC product and I'm not seeing anything on the ADAT so I'm guessing that what's I need to solve first. Thanks.

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      Problem solved. I had a setting wrong in the TC Control panel. Thanks for your help. Now on the fun stuff!

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