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      Hi All,

      not sure if this is a bug..

      I have set the Eclipse to Midi channel 2 and my controller is set to comunicate with the Eclipse  Midi Cannel 2.

      out of the box I get this behaviour..

      Wen I press bank 0 i get 100 all cool as desired

      When I press bank 1 i get 104 hmmm not a real problem as I have not set a map.

      So I set up the maps like this




      the odd thing is that I still get 104 when I press 2, no matter what I set it to in the MidI map, it always gives me 104.

      I can set the others to 904, 903, etc and it seems to work, BUT 1 always gives me 104.

      What gives?

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      I am an idiot!

      The controller was sending out the wrong PC code DOH!!

      all working now.

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