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      hi everybody 🙂

      I use 2 Roland EV-5 expression pedals as external controllers to modulate parameters on my Eventide. Those 2 pedals are connected via midi through a Ground Control Pro.

      The connections are:
      Pedal 1 is on ext 4 and modulate parameters of each preset
      Pedal 2 is on ext 5 and modulate out gain (on levels)

      What I experienced is that:

      ext 5 is not working on a couple of presets (can't understand why)
      ext 4 is working, but I see on the monitor that it goes al 100% only when pedal on ext. 5 is closed, while when it's open it goes at 14-15% of its course
      ext 5, on the other hand, is fully working only when pedal on ext 4 is open. except on some presets as mentioned above.

      Seriously I have no idea of what I'm doing wrong with it :S

      can anybody help please?

      thanks a lot 🙂 

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      What are the current MIDI-settings for those pedals on the Ground Control Pro? What controller numbers do they have and which MIDI channel(s) is used?

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      mmm everything is set up on omni…

      so are you suggesting me to select separate midi channels for the ground control pro, and each pedal?

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      It could be worth nothing, but I would try that… (if it can be done on the GCP).

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      as you can see from the manual of the GCP

      i can't choose a midi channel for the expression pedals, i can only set the message type. and i did it correctly on both the eclipse and the GCP :S

      and still they're not completely independent :(((

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      hi all 🙂

      it looks like, even if the pedals are brand new, they're worng connected, so i had to swap tip and ring.

      now looks like the 2 pedals are completely independent and fully working 🙂

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