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      I have a question on program change.
      Here is my rig. I am running an axess electronics fx-1 footcontroller into a soundsculpture switchblade into the eclipse. When I hit preset one on the fx-1 it goes to 01. The switchblade goes to 01. The eclipse does NOT go to 01. If I set the map to 0-99 then it says preset 0 cannot be found and goes to something else usually 01 I believe. When I hit 03 (with this map setting) it does not go to 03 but to

      This is very boggling to me! When I used to use (old outdated) midi stuff you plugged everything in and everything was on a one to one basis. Is there a simple way to set this up?

      Also I have seen many people ask about an editor for the eclipse. Why is there no editor for it? With a unit that is as established for this period of time with no editor that surprises me…why not do one? Thanks.

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      there are 2 different counting standards in the MIDI industry, 0>127 – 1>128.

      Most MIDI controllers allow a choice of one of them. So if yours does, you're ok. Otherwise you'll have to live w/the offset. Using MIDI maps shouldn't be a problem anyway.

      Most FX processors do not have editors, unfortunately. I wish we could have one for Eclipse..but is doesn't seem to be a priority as other projects are in the works.

      all the best

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      I am not really any farther after a good bit of time spent. When you say midi maps should not be a problem, I am not sure what that means. I guess since I do not know how to do this it seems to be a problem to me. Do you have any ideas about what to do to make this work, maybe with a step by step plan?

      All of the other gear in the rig changes fine except the eclipse which makes me think it is the problem. I have tried moving the midi start number around for the footcontroller but that does not seem to do anything, the numbers are still off. Changing which map you use does not match numbers it just starts them somewhere else and they are off at that point.

      I thought I remember reading about a new update to the eclipse, will that give any quicker load time or fix any of the things I am asking about?

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       When I advice to use MIDI maps is because you will be able to assign a specific preset # to a specific program change #. Build your own MIDI map.

      The offset is not an issue so it won't be fixed, there's nothing to fix. The 2 MIDI standards are fine. You can check if your MIDI pedalboard allows you to choose 0>127 or 1>128. Otherwise it may be that you will have to live with the offset.


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