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      In the past I have generally modulated the Send parameter via ext 1 and used an expression pedal to control my delay levels. I'm auditioning new presets and having a hard time achieving the same result.

      I run the Eclipse 100% wet in a lop of my Axe-FX, so generally modulating the send works best as changing the wet/dry mix causes phasing issues.

      I've downloaded all the algo manuals etc but I don't see a clear explanation of something. In say, Preset# 902 TF2:1 Vintage – I set the Mix to 100, then I go to Delay Mix and I see A 8 ::10B. As I use the data wheel and scroll I'm not exactly sure how to predict the results as it moves the B side first then the A. I'm unclear as to why it's labeled the way it is. It sounds like I'm missing somewhere in the manual what these parameters are doing exactly.

      Any tips on how to control the level of one of these patches with an Expression pedal since there's no send and I can't change wet/dry mix? Thanks so much, I've been digging around for a while trying to figure this out, I feel close but as missing something obvious.

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      hi Dave

      TF & MF presets have been added "as they are" from the pedals. So they may miss some aspects Eclipse presets have. One of them is the SEND parameter. as yo have noticed, it's not available.

      If you need to control levels, you can patch Externals to the system I/O parameters, under LEVELS.

      all the best


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      Eventide Staff

      The TF and MF presets are designed to be the same as the respective pedals and thus are a little different from normal Eclipse presets. There are built-in expression pedal mappings (see Preset and Algorithm Manual) or you can add your  own in the usual way (see User Manual).

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