Question about tweaks on Eclipse v4.01 algorithms.

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      Hey Eventide

      Great, great work on the MF / TF adaptations.  I owned a MF before I switched to using a racked Eclipse.  Never could get the Eclipse to duplicate the Ring and Undulator sounds, as much as I tried.  But now I can, and it sounds spectacular.

      One question.  Some of the algorithms seem to be behaving differently.  In particular, Dense Room 8 is different… it sounds wonderful, but behaves differently, (and has been crashing–rarely–when I try and reprogram its modulators).  Also, Distortion Preamp is behaving differently all of a sudden.

      I read through the version notes, but saw nothing but vague references made to any algorithm changes.  Any way somebody could elaborate?


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      please post Eclipse related questions to its folder.

      How do Dense Room and DistPreamp behave differently?

      We haven't really changed anything there.

      all the best


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