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       I've going thru all the trouble shooting fixes & reinstalled the software. But, my eclipse keeps cutting  the volume down? I end up having to turn it off & on to get it back. The input/output jacks seem to have some play (they make noise when touched but are fine if left untouched). It also seems to me that its lots some do its headroom!

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      Sorry – don't really understand. You say that the volume is being cut. A few questions (please answer them all in full):

      1) Does this occur with a "Through" preset ?

      2) Is it the same on both channels ?

      3) When it happens, do the various level settings show 0dB ?

      4) Does it occur on both jack and XLR ?

      5) If you wiggle the jacks, does the level change ?

      6) Do the output meters show this gain change ?

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