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      Hello Crew

      I was just wondering what the control signal sampling rate was in the H8000,
      And if this rate is a subdivision of the Master Clock……?

      In which case I guess, higher sampling rates = finer control signal rates??
      Also….Is there a way for me to adjust the control signal rate directly? (I know I can use audio rates)

      On some of my equipment I can set control rates and sampling rates independently (which is very very handy! 🙂

      Say I have a patch where realtime updates are not too important I'll use a "set & forget" control sampling rate of, maybe 25Hz. Whereas if the patch IS the instrument I'll use a rate of maybe 3200Hz.

      I'm getting really into vSigX / H8000
      It's more fun every day!!


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      Eventide Staff

       The control signal sampling free runs in the background, so it does not have a fixed rate. It will vary between about 50Hz and 500Hz, depending on how big the patch is and whatever else is going on. 

      This means that control stuff should only be normally used for control applications, mainly knobs, displays and slow changing settings.

      Anything that you are going to hear should be done by audio modules as these run at top priority. There are amusing tricks you can do by mixing audio and control, but these have to be viewed as expert trial and error.

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