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      Yes, I’m easily amused, but this is a parameter I’ve been asking about here for over a decade now:


      The H90 Diatonic / QuadraVox algorithms now add a Quant toggle to the parameter set.  You can use it to transform any pitch bends into stepped glissandos, which are constrained to the current Key & Scale.  Here’s a rough & dirty starting point:

      • Mix – 90 (just a touch of Dry)
      • Pitch A / Pitch B Mix – A10+B10
      • Pitch A – Unison
      • Pitch B – Unison
      • Delay A –  10 mS
      • Delay B – 20 mS
      • Key – E (example)
      • Scale – Minor (example)
      • Feedback A – 0
      • Feedback B – 0
      • QuantON (essential)
      • In Gain –  gain-staging specific
      • Out Gain – gain-staging specific
      • Tails – system specific
      • Kill Dry – system specific

      Similar values for QuadraVox, noting the exposed parameter changes.

      Variations: select any Key or Scale; change one of the Pitch intervals to a harmonized note; drop the Delays to zero to remove the subtle doubling effect.  You can ease the main Mix back to 80-85 for some added detuning.  You will run the risk of some real Hoover bloopers with some bending techniques, and hear the processing lag.

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