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      Page 53 of the H8000FW Manual has a strong recommendation to support the rear of the unit in a rackcase that will be transported.

      I'm considering a tall case w/ casters and am wondering what any of you are using for rear support of this heavy unit ?


      -Richard M

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      Hello Richard,

      I just bought 4 small angle brackets from a hadware store, stuck some adhesive foam on the surfaces that would touch the H8000, and screwed them right into the plywood.  I positioned them above and below the unit and tucked them in so that the foam was slightly compressed.  Cheap, quick and effective!



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      Thanks, Ben… I just wasn't sure how much room there would be in the rack-case I  ordered from PearsonCases.

      The case is plywood and brackets can be screwed in easily.

      Hope you will take a look at David Teren's new Eventide Harmonizers Facebook Group…. see you there !

      -Richard M.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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