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      I have a Ground Control Pro and have successfully managed to get TapTempo assigned to "External 4" and Instant Access (IA) Button 4 on the GCP.

      I now want to map Instant Access button 3 to the "Repeat" function on the TimeFactor.

      I can not see a way of doing this globally, so I guess I have to do it in the individual patches that I want to use it on???

      Any pointers where to set this? I have mapped IA3 to "External 3", but I can not figure out how to tie it to the Repeat function.

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi BMF

      Setting the External to your remote source is the first step.

      The second is to connect the parameter to that External. To do this, first find the parameter – REPEAT is one of the "hot keys" for a TF preset.

      Then, follow the instructions under "Patching a Parameter to the Modulation Block’s “Modules”" UM p.40. While this refers to Modulation Block it also applies to Externals.

      You have to read every page – we like to hide the good stuff !

      Cheers !!

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      Nice! Thanks for the info, I will go and have a look.

      The problem I am finding is the difference in terminology than I am used to.

      I would never have guessed the relationship to "mods"

      off to read some more.

      thanks again

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