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      Hi eventide world,

      It's just a suggestion but i think it will be great for you eventide :

      Make an easy software tool which we can choose 4 default presets and make 1.

      Ex. I choose 1 delay for input 1,2 – 1 reverb for 3,4 – 1 chorus for 5,6 – 1 filter for 7,8.

      An EASY TOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!  just 4 mouse clicks to choose the default presets with the assignment to the input/output and 1 mouse click to transfert to the H8000FW.

      An EASY TOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I have a metric halo and the interface is EASY to make builtins…. With all guitar software it's easy to make this.

      It's just a suggestion ! It will be a great addin for the H8000FW.

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      Eventide Staff

      You could certainly do this quite easily with Vsig. But, I suspect you want it to be REALLY EASY !!  We'll think on it …

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