Reseviced Orville now in DSP 7000 , I want to sent it to you guys for UG

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      Hi friends

      a couple of weeks I posted some problems with an eventide Orville I had purchased second hand , full of capricious quacks and miss haps

      Forum discussions did not really fix my problem (though very friendly and some great starting points !)

      As a last hope I went to get it reserviced (at least get the internal battery changed!)

      The Orville now operates as a  DSP 7000 !!!!!!! say whaaaattttt !!!!!

      At start up up I get ' I sense ninternal ram is new clear and reformat ? yes/no

      I press any key and get Remote operation only' , can not get get any further as I do not have a remote)

      Anyhow , I am more then frustrated my Eventide dream has now become my worst nighmare , I am doomed , cursed !! I do not know

      Can I still send it to you guys and get the latest FW8000 Up grade ??  as we had discussed a couple of weeks ago

      Please help

      all the best !

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      Hi Ongo, 

      To better assist you with your problem, let me follow up with via email off-line from the forum. More serious technical issues are reserved for our Support Department:

      Look for my email shortly.

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