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      On my brand new Reverb 2016 (rack) the extra function enabled when pushing any control knob does not work.

      When pushing any of the knobs it should show the current value of the parameter, BUT does nothing.

      When pushing and rotating the predelay it should allow coarse adjustment but doesn’t work.

      Pushing the EQ knob should select the roll-off frequency BUT keeps changing the EQ level and not the frequency.

      Love the sound of the Reverb 2016, got it brand new this week but seems that any extra function when PUSHING the knobs doesn’t work.

      Any tips of how to proceed would be appreciated! Thanks!

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      Thanks to Eventide tech support – the mystery has been solved!!  

      Turns out there’s a problem with the inserts that are in the plastic knobs of the Reverb 2016. To test I pulled out the plastic knobs (quite easy) and then I did a simple push on each metal encoder and it showed the current value of each parameter, and also pushing and turning worked fine on the EQ and Predelay parameters. So Eventide tech support promised to send me new plastic knobs (yay!!).

      Very happy that I get to keep my Reverb 2016 (it is awesome, sounds like magic).

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