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      I’m not out to steal anyone’s thunder, but I did run across an announcement on TGP.  Seems like this should be here:

      It should be interesting to see/hear the latest tech advances, as applied to distortion.  I’m no analog purist when it’s done right.  I’ve been following digital distortion since the 1st (horrible) offerings in rack gear, and an S/A MultiWave has a spot on my main ‘board.

      Stereo, MIDI, expression, Line Level option.  And who doesn’t like a good Univibe, especially when it comes in a couple of flavors?  I’m happy to see H90 Control’s Swap feature added.

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      I’d invite the lovely folks at Eventide to add the Riptide algorithm to the H90 when they get a chance.  It sounds pretty sweet!

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        Eventide Staff

        It’s based off of the WeedWacker and EvenVibe algorithms (specifically inspired by the “Indigo Fog” factory program in the H90).

        We added alternate voicings to both effects for the standalone pedal, but the above combination should be able to cover a lot of ground.

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        Thanks for the tip!

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      There’s something special about the Riptide Uni-Vibe that doesn’t come through in the H90.

      I think we need that alternate setting maybe in the form of a separate algo for the H90??? Please????

      Vibes are one of my favorite effects. And the Riptide is one of the best I’ve heard from any company.

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      Y’all did a great job with the Riptide.  So I, too, would like to have Riptide as an H90 algorithm, in part because it is a 2 in 1 algorithm (arguably 4 in1 with the variants).

      Having Riptide in one of the H90’s two program slots leaves the other slot available for reverb and/or delay.  That’s a natural because, usually, modulation and drive belong in front of a guitar amp and reverb and delay belong after.  So an H90 Riptide in slot 1 would pair perfectly with so many delays and/or reverbs in slot 2 in either dual mode or insert mode (if using an amp sim or some such). That’s important for those of us that almost always want some “space” in our sound.

      One might say, “You can just add a Riptide or a delay/reverb pedal to your H90 board.”  But with 5ms of latency from the H90 itself (more if using inserts), I’m very reluctant to add any more latency to my signal chain.  In fact, I have reluctantly added a UAFX amp sim as an insert, so I feel that adding any other digital pedals is just out of the question.  In a sense, 2 in 1 H90 algorithms cut the latency per effect in half without any change in hardware.  That can be a HUGE benefit because the H90 has that base-line latency of 5ms.

      If I did choose to accept the additional latency of an added a reverb/delay pedal, I’d have to find the RIGHT one and learn that ecosystem.  Since I’ve already done a deep dive within the H90 ecosystem, choosing the RIGHT reverb/delay from the H90 is a trivial matter.  I’d also have to bear the added cost, size, weight, and complexity of another pedal.

      Finally, an H90 Riptide paired with a reverb and/or delay algorithm could all be controlled within the H90 itself.  That’s a LOT of options with no need for the added cost, size, weight, and complexity of MIDI controller.  Heck, one could do a LOT with just one Riptide/Spacetime program by controlling the drive, boost, Univibe, chorus, Leslie, reverb, and dual-delay.  In my opinion, that program would be 5ms of latency well spent (up to five effects at one time for 1ms per effect).  It also underscores the fact that the H90 is a stupid good economic value when compared to the cost of a whole board full of pedals and switchers.

      Either way, please keep up the great work y’all!

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      Would love to have Riptide in H90

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