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      Hi folks,

      I'm trying in several manners to handle the routing tool from my PC but no success.
      I tryed several manners:

      – via midi by a sound card
      – via FIREWIRE / midi via DICE drivers (they works perfectly as sound card so are good
      – the above have benn done by 2 different PC,s but no success
      – I have NOT tried via a serial cable as I do not have serial connection on PC

      It is evident that I am unable to have a coonection between the Routing software and the H8000FW; it remains solidly in "DEMO MODE"

      Can somebody give me some suggestions or "tricks" to have success in this?

      Many Thanks

      Emilio Biagini
      Lucca — Italy

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       Ciao Emilio

      you should get one of those USB_to_Serial port converters. I have a couple of them and work fine on both Windows and Macs.



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      I have tested, now it works!

      Very useful tool!!

       Thanks a lot


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      It should be pointed out that many PC motherboards may not offer a COM port…BUT most of them have a socket on whick a COM port PCI bracket can be connected.

      This is true of all motherboards I have used, ASUS that is. I'm sure other brands may have similar configurations.



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